Selecting Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials


The most environmentally friendly flooring material available today is bamboo. Not only is it a good choice for flooring, but it is also durable and easy to clean as well.

Bamboo comes from Asia and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Bamboo can be easily grown in countries like China and India and takes less than two years to mature. Although these fast growing bamboo plants look very similar to hardwood, they are very different in look. A lot of time and thought goes into selecting the right color and pattern when using bamboo in any household project.

eco-friendly flooring


Many companies create special eco-friendly products for individuals and for businesses that use bamboo flooring. Carpet suppliers such as Siggi Carpet offer bamboo as an alternative to laminate and sheathing.

Cork is another wood flooring material that has many uses in commercial and industrial environments. It is lightweight and easy to clean. When used in conjunction with cement or tile flooring, cork is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Cork flooring is also very easy to install and there are many different colors and patterns available.

There are many advantages to cork flooring installation over hardwood floors. Cement tiles are widely used in the home and in commercial buildings because of their durability and resistance to the elements. Because they are relatively inexpensive, and also because they do not absorb moisture, cork is used in places where moisture or humidity is a concern.


Carpet has been used in homes for many years. Although it is a popular choice, it is considered to be an outdated flooring product. With advances in technology, carpet manufacturers are producing carpet that is more comfortable, is less expensive and is resistant to mildew and spills. One of the biggest drawbacks to carpet is that it is not easy to clean because of its porous nature and heavy weight.

If you are considering a new flooring product, you should always consider whether or not it is made of the eco-friendly materials mentioned above. The difference between cork and carpet is enormous. Both are inexpensive, durable and eco-friendly.

Whether you are installing laminate, vinyl, or other types of flooring, it is important to note that each type of flooring has its own eco-friendly attributes and characteristics. A few easy to remember examples are cork flooring, bamboo flooring, and cork flooring, all three are excellent eco-friendly flooring materials.

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